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Black Health Alliance

AGM Monday September 24, 2013 at Foresters Conference Centre

789 Don Mills Rd.

6 pm - 8:00 pm

If we cross the river together, the alligators won’t bother us.

~ African proverb

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What is the Black Health Project?

The Black Health Project is a stepping stone towards the development of the Black Health Strategy, a well-developed, comprehensive program that will address the many facets of what it means to be well and the conditions that foster it. The Black Health Alliance and our partners are pleased to announce the first component of the Black Health Project to be offered in the community - the Black Health Challenge.

TAIBU Community Health Centre on Caribbean Headline News

TAIBU Community Health Centre Executive Director, Liben Gebremikael, talks with Caribbean Headline News during a television interview about TAIBU's mission, vision, programs and services.

Black Health Alliance chair encourages better health at 1st Fridays'

Dr. Christopher Morgan, chair of the Black Health Alliance was one of several presenters at 1st Fridays' Health, Fitness and Wellness Edition January 8th at Empire Restaurant in Yorkville, Toronto. Dr. Morgan shared personal health stories and then encouraged the audience to: become better informed about our persnonal health risks; be proactive in adopting healthy, preventative lifestyles; and break the silence around matters pertaining to our health.

Black Health Alliance pushes for community outreach

Dr. Christohper Morgan, chair of the Black Health Alliance, discusses the inspiration for founding BHA, a few of its accomplishments and the organization's future goals in a recent interview.

The City of Toronto declares June 19, 2010 World Sickle Cell Day

One of the highlight accomplishments of the recent Making the Invisible, Visible: Shining a Spotlight on Sickle Cell Disease conference was the official declaration of the City of Toronto to declare June 19th World Sickle Cell day in 2010. Numerous major cities around the world have moved to recognize June 19th as World Sickle Cell day following the United Nations declaration of Sickle Cell Disease as a Public Health Problem and the 19th of June of each year as World Sickle Cell Day.

The Making the Invisible, Visilble: Shining a Spotlight on Sickle Cell Disease conference featured presentations on issues such as the social impact of sickle cell disease on school age children; comprehensive care for the adults living with sickle cell disease; Ontario's chronic disease prevention and management strategy; and powerful testimonials of people living with sickle cell disease. The conference was presented in partnership between the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario and the Black Health Alliance.